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Dynamics 365, AX, ERP & CRM  Review and Recovery

The Dynamics project journey, whether a prior investment in 2009, 2012, CRM or Dynamics 365 for Operations/Sales, can be extremely challenging. Making the change and making it stick relies on a number of factors for the project to achieve its objectives and business case. 

We're here to listen and assist, not judge. 

We offer an average of 20 years experience in this area through our consultants, including expert witness level capability for government and listed entity trials, together with some 100+ years in combined experience in similar technology (including SAP/Oracle/Epicor/Netsuite) system implementations from 20 to 20,000 users. 

For a professional, confidential, unbiased and discrete discussion, whether you are a customer, implementation partner or a 3rd party, feel fee to get in touch. We have assisted these projects from all of these perspectives successfully many times. Alternatively, you may wish to have a review or opinion provided. So, before you invest further in one of these, or require urgent assistance with your project:

Contact us: 

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